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Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. The polycarbonate is not really 1 inch There was a problem completing your request. There is a pin that you are supposed to somehow lock in place with a couple of bent washers in order to keep the rim even - it is impossible to center the pin, and next there is not enough of the pin exposed to keep it centered.

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Prices vary depending on the rim style and size you require. Please telephone for more details. In-stock items are listed on the drop-down menu below. Takasago Excel rims are some of the nicest rims available; they are anodized with a very-bright, almost-polished appearance, with a large, red Excel logo on each side. Drilled to perfectly match any hub. Expect seven working days for delivery. The most popular vintage sizes are listed here.

Other sizes are available; please call. Excel rims are possibly the highest-quality alloy rims on the market. They are anodized with a very-bright, almost-polished appearance, with a red Excel logo on each side of each rim. The lack of spoke dimples allows for custom drilling to complement any hub, regardless of the hub's diameter or spoke-count.

The most popular vintage off-road sizes are listed here. Others are available; please call if you don't see what you need. We accept payment via the following credit cards and services. View Cart 0 items. Contact Us Payment Information Shipping. Viewing 1 to 10 17 Total. Previous 1 2 Next. Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.

This item is not eligible for international shipping. Click here for Proposition 65 warning. See questions and answers. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention mounting bracket kit board universal mount mounted directions replace pole basketball hoop garage bolts solid assembly existing install bottom holding. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Please try again later. Gave this four stars because it's a really nice backboard but it was no where close to a direct fit. I picked up a free Lifetime goal but needed a backboard. This was a really good goal and had two support arms that came from the pole to the backboard.

Could never find a picture of the back of the backboard to see if it had enough attaching points for me to use. Bought it anyway and it didn't, even the bracket kit that's sold separately didn't look to have these two attaching points. Worked out great but took some time to get it right.

The 2 sets of install directions just didn't synch one with the other. I was so confounded I waited for my son to come help-same reaction as to decoding directions.

Frankly the directions made the most complex IKEA assembly look like a preschool project. We are reasonably handy people. After 10 or more hours of assembly we managed to get the board up, and our grandkids got to play. BUT less than 24 hours later the rim collapsed to a 45degree angle. Back to directions and disassembled rim--turns out page 6 of backboard directions neglected to list an essential part as needed for this phase, then the specific step-by step instructions never mentioned the part either, but only after careful study of the diagram did we realize that an unnamed part had to be inserted.

Called to complain to customer service and got nothing more than a brushoff--even from the supervisor who called me back 2 days later-- that they were always trying to improve their directions.

Last time I buy anything from Lifetime!! I bought this for work after a long history of buying inferior products. I work with at risk youth in a residential center and many of the kids love to show off by hanging on the rim and things like that which has typically meant that our rims and backboards don't last very long. We are almost through our first year and this has held up pretty well. It was a great, great price. We went to many stores looking for a better price and couldn't find one Very happy with the purchase and, inevitably, when the kids wreck it in a few years I'll definitely buy another.

The polycarbonate is not really 1 inch This model backboard comes with a steel powder coated frame all around the rear which makes for a sturdy assembly. The polycarbonate is not really 1 inch thick unless you count the thickness of the bottom border pieces but seems to work very well so far. I was tempted not to mount the black plastic border pieces at the bottom IMO they are rather ugly but decided that the manufacturer probably had a good reason for them other than appearance, such as protecting the bottom edge from blows from balls.

They are easily installed with the provided self tapping screws as others have noted, drilling a small diameter starter hole for each screw, not too deep, makes them go in easier. The rim is very heavy, looks great and should last a long time. I used the Lifetime Universal mounting kit for a wall mount on my garage. See my suggestions in my review of the universal mounting kit for some tips to get the board attached when it is up in the air.

But once it was done the kids were having a blast so it was well spent effort. Then, the very day it was installed, the acrylic pulled away from the metal frame. See the pictures I uploaded.

The mfg said they would replace it, but who in their right mind would go to the trouble to put another one up there with the same faulty design? It's literally plastic glued to metal. A solid backboard is probably the way I will go. Don't make the same mistake I made. You will feel really bad after you've gone to all the work to get this installed and then realize the best offer the mfg can offer you is to take it all down and fully disassemble the rim from the backboard. This is the last Lifetime product I will ever purchase.

Decent backboard but the rim is the worst design I have seen in a hoop. There is a pin that you are supposed to somehow lock in place with a couple of bent washers in order to keep the rim even - it is impossible to center the pin, and next there is not enough of the pin exposed to keep it centered. Without having the pin locked, the rim will be crooked on one side or the other.

I have no idea why they would have designed the rim like this and will see if I can replace just the rim with a new one.

Nightmare with the universal mount. Get it together Lifetime! Normally I don't leave reviews, but I felt compelled after my experience to do so. Let me start by saying if you are just buying this to replace an old one and have a universal Lifetime mounting bracket, good for you! If you don't, then set aside about 4 hours of your day and prepare yourself for a complicated mess. The quality of the hoop is great for the most part.

The rim is nice and the hoop looks great. I do think the backboard could be a little bit thicker, but it isn't bad. I don't like the plastic guards around the bottom and sides of the board, they are cheap and instead of lifetime providing pre drilled holes on the frame of the board,you have to use self tapping screws and drive them in yourself.

Just a step that isn't needed after 3 hours of set up. Back to the universal mount that you need to buy.

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