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Three years before I took an advice from the HDFC Shares Executive and she invested all my funds in wrong shares which returned in heavy losses till now. Hello HDFC, Somehow, I have lost my number which was registered for credit card even I was changing my pin number but since it is sending OTP on my registered number i could not change it. For no mistake of mine, I suffered badly while abroad and here again losing money.

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Which is showing my all save credit card benefits in one app. So that I could considered at a time purchasing. Which card is best for me now. I m searching my answer to last two months to google. Good to know nothing comes in front of Indusind Exclusive debit card. Saving every bit from withdrawing to conversion charges. This feature is there in their arsenal for more than 2 years now. Intially, it was offered on the Platinum Card that was offered with the Exclusive account. Also, the same feature was there in their Indus Select Account too.

I had opened a Select Account because of that only in past. Later on they changed their product offering in Indus Select a lot. But they never touched the Exclusive Portfolio.

At the same time, try reviewing the IndusInd multicurrency Forex card. I checked it myself. Kindly you try doing that and please confirm this. I have used bookmyforex many times and and bet they are the cheapest in market which i have also experienced. Yet to use it, will share a review on it soon. I have been reading your page for quite some time now but this is the first time I am commenting.

First, accept my congratulations for making a top-notch informative website to help the rest of us forage into the credit card jungle. Second, I have a small suggestion. Although this will be a little programming intensive, but I am sure you can pull this up. It will be really helpful for people who stay abroad and finally want to come back and settle to India. Am really looking forward to something like that from you! BankBazaar has one, if you need a ref!

Thanks much for the kind words. Glad to get a feedback on this. I will wait eagerly for it. I swiped my regalia card at HPCL petrol station. The swipe was for Rs In my statement I see a debit of Rs Anybody face this thing and know the maths? Should i avoid swiping regalia card at petrol station? Please check your bill, there should be a credit of the 2.

But I assume you would get the surcharge waiver only if you swipe it in the HDFC terminal and not others. Hi, going to malaysia. I have a HDFC jetprivelage master card platinum.

The bank suggested that get a forex as it will save you from conversion rates. On the website, one can easily pay bills, make credit card payments, transfer funds, access net banking and much more. The bank began operations in with a simple mission: For queries, complaints or others, reach the HDFC Bank customer care through the details provided in this page.

Somehow, I have lost my number which was registered for credit card even I was changing my pin number but since it is sending OTP on my registered number i could not change it. This is very ridiculous, even i am not able to track the request status. I have been told that there will be no charges on my card but still I have been charged also HDFC upgraded my card without asking me and has charged for that as well. You have charged AED 4. You have kept for fund for youself for 10 days and sending back to me cutting some money as exchange loss is not at all justifiable.

Please make the arrangement to credit back my lost money. I am very sorry and disheartened to inform that I am a long time customer of HDFC Bank and do lot of transactions in your esteemed bank. I am having a credit card no: Due to some serious crisis for the last couple of months, I unable to pay the minimum amount due.

But I got informed by the Credit Card Dept after the account became hold. I have taken home loan with hdfc bank and i have been asking for loan disbursement schedule and bank charges against loan acc no as few unknown charges has been diducted my acc but no information has been provided since date of loan 28 augest More over when I complained about the issue I was il treated by bank employee. I need a response else i will be shifting all my accounts.

The rate of interest was changed at that had been promised by the bank. I am being cheated by the bank. I tried to call the number given by them but got even more bitter. Can some one more responsible and loyal employee of bank explain why this sort of treatment is meted to their customers. Kang had an NRO account in Mumbai branch, which he closed from a Chandigarh branch during his last visit to India did not visit Mumbai. He also does not have any other account in India.

I have his general POA and wish to resolve this issue. Poor service and they make us wait for long time with no response. I got 2 wheeler loan fron hdfc bank. My EMI is p. Bank executive came and collected emi and chq bounce charges. Bro same thing happens with me also. Their executive collects the money from my home and again they cleared the same amount from my bank account through ECS. I have shopped for Rs. The amount was approved on 2nd May , but the amount is not released to me yet as the Project Approval is pending.

I had communicated with HDFC executives regarding the delay several times and I am not satisfied with the response received, so I would like to cancel my request. Axis Bank is already having the Project Approval and so I propose to take loan from them. I kindly request you to refund the processing fee charged and return all the documents I have submitted for this purpose.

And they keep promising next day but still no use. My commitments are gone. I could ve applied in any other bank but fell into the trap of HDFC. I am holding the credit card from last more than a year and was regular with my payments every month, suddenly due to some personal reasons I was unable to make payment on time.

This year stuck in a lot of financial problems but the Agency guys do not understand the problem of the customer and whenever called were so rude and used such disgusting language I would even not prefer to say or write. I told them every problem but they were always very rude and said you have to make the payment any how.

Several times the agency guys called my home and tried to threaten my parents. Without my permission they always looked into my account which is associated with my salary account and forced me to make the payments. Once there was only 4k in my account on date 7th of the month and they forced me to make the payment of 4k.

The total outstanding is always increasing and increasing, whether I make a payment of 10, few months it goes on increasing ,it again goes to same amount as you can check with my details. Then I called the customer care of HDFC Credit Card I asked the executive that I have been charged Finance Charges every month and this was not communicated to me he replied that if I dont clear the payment it will be charged every month.

It took one month and still I am unable to get the loan applied. I am an HDFC credit card holder since november During january , i had requested hdfc customer care to stop sending monthly statement by courier and organise to e-mail it to me. They mailed me e-statement registration form. I had filled the form and sent by post to the address given.

But now also i am getting statement by courier. The problem what i am facing is, once it reaches my office, it will not get delivered to me in time. If i am not in seat, they will just keep it aside and never will reach me. Due to all these complications only i requested for e-statement.

Till today hdfc credit card division not bothered to accept my request and they are going on couriering monthly statement. How to find a solution for this. I have a Dmat account where I was doing daily transaction of my own. Three years before I took an advice from the HDFC Shares Executive and she invested all my funds in wrong shares which returned in heavy losses till now. Also there is no follow up for the same. No one is aware of the process involved and getting resolution is a dream.

They blocked my credit card for the mistake of their own, though they own the responsibility, they make me run pillar to post for getting it re-activated.

Am still waiting for the resolution. HDFC sucks big time.. Never bank with them. Very bad and irregular service. Matter brought in notice even to Managing Director but no result. They will rip you off at every opportunity, whether you are a big customer or a small one. Their only motto in life is to make money and increase the bottom line and make profits by their share price..

You can publish email address of mine, a valued HDFC customer. A service is valued the way customer is handled when he has a problem due to HDFC bank system failure. Recently while i was booking railway ticket my HDFC debit card blocked reason not specified, enough fund was available, data filled correct. When reported to customer care they are making me run from pillar to pillar. HDFC Bank telephone support is really bad. They make us wait too long and give no proper solution.

No amount received but debited. No reverse ATM withdrawal. Even i have also faced the same problem in Hyderabad. I am holding the Hdfc debit card. I have withdrawn amount from DCB bank ATM, as the server was down while withdrawing,i did not get money,but it seems money was deducted from my account.

I could not understand what to do in this scenario. I had a credit card. I paid and settelled but I did not get no dues certificate. I made so many phone calls. So please be serious. A monthly installment goes on every Ist of the month from my account to Axis bank. Its kind of harrassment and I am sure if no action is taken fast I have to go for consumer court.

If these many years are not enough for good relation with a bank, I am deeply saddened!! Bank branch manager and Deepa from same bank made false promises for 3 months that it will be reversed but never done. Finally I had to go for closing of my account on last thursday 11th Jan but it is not closed still and again the AQB charges are levied even though I have 25, in my account..

Its really crazy, I cannot understand why my account is not closed immediately and why AQB charges when I have mimimum balance. Infact i have never done any Trading.

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