Forex 4 du islamisch

About Forex Islamic Accounts. In order to abide by the religious law of Islam, traders of Islamic belief are forbidden to pay interest. However, if the interest charge is transferred to a different type of fee, it is basically still a charge that covers the interest. This is also known by the name of swap-free in disguise.

As a result, the Forex market must adapt to meet the needs of these brokers. Let Us Know Found a mistake? Again, most large companies or companies with little collateral can invest in the most profitable or the most popular in the world, foreign exchange and commodities fluctuations in the market can easily use. Subscribe to get daily updates directly to your email inbox. When you agree to buy her British pounds at an official exchange rate, and you settle the amounts immediately, this is considered a spot transaction.

About Forex Islamic Accounts

Forex is the world’s largest financial market, financial instruments and transactions in accordance with Islamic principles, are being offered to investors who wish to invest according to Islamic principles.

SSBs review financial transactions and services to ensure they do not involve interest especially in a surreptitious way and also that they do not carry excessive risk. In the second installment of this series on Islamic finance, I shall look in greater detail at risk or gharar, as it relates to currency and commodity trading. Theory, Ethics, and Practice. Read part two of this series here. You did not cover some of the ways that brokers attempt to make sharia-compliant accounts.

In other words, if their upline LPs are charging interest, they must cover it somehow. Either by charging increased commissions, widening spread, etc.

The next article should be fascinating. I suppose like anything else, it is about interpretation of what is risk. This is a very informative piece on the subject and in my opinion one of the best written articles by a non-Muslim scholar. In fact, it is so informative that I have shared it with my team of lawyers, some of whom practice Islamic Finance. Not only that, I have sent it to my wife and our three teenage children eldest a freshman in university to read and I am sure they will enjoy it.

My hat off to the author. In light of 1: Shawn Baldwin Share this article. Islamic finance The theory and practice of finance according to Islamic principles is called Islamic finance.

Basic prohibitions in Islamic finance are: Islamic scholars propose five reasons for prohibiting interest or riba. The generally accepted arguments are that earning money through interest involves no self-exertion by the lender, and causes oppression to the borrower.

Interest implies the unlawful taking of property. Interest leads to negative growth. While riba increases money in quantitative terms, it does not generate growth in social wealth.

Interest demeans and diminishes the human personality. Charging interest affects a culture negatively by distancing that which is human and focusing on that which is monetary. Got a news tip? Let Us Know Found a mistake? Best of the Week. As a result, the Forex trading arena is always developing and changing. This is true about the types of Forex trading platforms that exist, it is true about the rules and regulations of Forex trading, and it is also true about the different types of Forex accounts available to traders.

When a Forex trader decides to open a new account, it is not as simple or straight forward as you might think. Yes, the actual process of opening the account might only take a few minutes, but the decision of what type of account to open can take days or weeks. These include demo accounts, mini accounts, standard accounts, premium accounts, and Islamic accounts. Out of the above list, one of the Forex trading accounts sticks out like a sore thumb.

What is an Islamic Forex account? Being as Forex has no centralized location and unlike the Stock Market, the trading can take place from anywhere, Forex has a much more widespread audience than other markets. There are Forex traders trading from the comfort of their own homes all around the world.

As a result, the Forex market must adapt to meet the needs of these brokers. One such need is met by what is known as Islamic Forex accounts. The Islamic religion has very strict rules and regulations regarding interest on financial transactions.

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