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The city's management of its office space and real estate is filled with inefficiencies, the Office of Operation concluded. Two recent reports on Bloomberg administration management issues -- one from the administration itself -- offer an intriguing alternative to the widely held view of a business-like machine. Writing in the Bloomberg Way is hard.

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Bloomberg has data on more than 5 million bonds, equities, commodities, currencies, and funds. It covers most every publicly traded company in the world, and has profiles on more than a million people.

From credit-default swaps to collateralized-debt obligations, technical analysis to Fibonacci charts, it defines financial terms without jargon. Winkler expects reporters and editors to plan ahead, instructing them to write several story templates in advance of every event. They should maintain lists of the top 10 most important companies, executives, investors and experts on their beats, and know how to reach sources at any hour, if necessary.

They are obsessed with preparing. That is what builds confidence. If growth is any indication, the formulas work. Little more than two decades after the first Bloomberg byline went out, the news service has expanded to news bureaus in 72 countries producing 5, stories a day. Bloomberg Television reaches million households globally.

In journalism circles, some attribute that to the dictates of Bloomberg style. Prefer the familiar to the fancy. Prefer the specific word to the abstract. Winkler argues that writing well means writing accurately. Winkler expands the philosophy to characterizations and labels. For example, in information technology, the report found that "the city currently operates in a large and fragmented Human resources management in the city is "highly decentralized, which has precluded a coordinated, citywide [human resources] strategy.

The city's management of its office space and real estate is filled with inefficiencies, the Office of Operation concluded. No single agency is responsible for citywide real estate planning as project management is split between agencies and the Department of Citywide Administrative Services. Some 11 percent of city workstations are vacant.

The report proposes the government reduce this by 1. Nine agencies oversee in-house vehicle maintenance shops, with more than 1, staff and over vendor contracts for parts and maintenance services. Eight city agencies manage over fueling locations. The numbers here mean the scores on standardized tests and the scores for schools themselves, the School Progress scores, which form the basis for the so-called school report cards.

In terms of management style, the most interesting finding is that through the three re-organizations of school management, the aim has increasingly been to centralize the system around those numbers. The first re-organization , from to , the report notes, dismantled the 32 community school districts that had been in place since the decentralization movement of the s and in its place created 10 administrative regions.

That centralized the administration of schools but reduced community and parent access. The second re-organization , from to , did away with the regions and placed much more responsibility and accountability on the 1, school principals.

They were given more authority over budgets, hiring and curriculum, but, as the report says, "In exchange, principals must demonstrate steady and marked improvement in student performance as measured by statistical data, such as standardized tests and graduation rates. The second re-organization also offered principals management help: They could choose among 11 School-Support Organizations -- specialized Department of Education offices, universities and non-profit organizations, which offered expert advice on teacher development, budget options, curriculum, etc.

Securities are organized by market silos and can be access via drilling down a series of menus or by entering a command. Commands to retrieve information are represented by codes.

Learning how to put a command together in Bloomberg is similar to learning another language. The example below provides the basic structure of a command. These functions provide a market level view or are not tied to one specific security. Bloomberg help is available via email. To request help from a librarian, contact us and we would be happy to assist you. All students and faculty must create a Bloomberg login to access the system.

To create an account, go to any Bloomberg terminal on campus and follow the steps below. Each library has its own rules regarding usage. Johnson students can also access Bloomberg in the Parker Center.

Check to see if there are sign-up sheets, time limits, or even limits on who can use the terminal at the library circulation desk. The news feeds in Bloomberg are one of its most popular features. From here you can specify what kind of news items you want to view.

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