When it is time to buy a car regardless of need or want, the first thing to consider is will it be a new or used car. Both a new or used car have their pros and cons. The choice is yours, but I have listed some of the reasons to consider when making your purchase decision.

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Checklist for Buying a Rental Property So you would like to buy a rental property? Congratulations! Now comes the hard part that will require due diligence and patience. Owning a rental property will require extensive research, a financial.

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If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them and help clarify before you make your purchase! If there are specific components of your site that need a performance boost, the following list will help you target certain areas in specific ways. It's possible to place another application in front of yours that will serve cached copies of your Web pages. This is called "HTTP acceleration" or "reverse proxy caching". There's really only one game in town, but it has some helpful add-ons.

If you don't have access to Varnish usually because of shared hosting , then you can run Boost instead. If caching systems are used heavily for a lot of content , it may take quite a while for cached data to get rebuilt whenever caches are cleared. If this is the case, it's worth considering a tool to rebuild these after any clearing happens.

Otherwise, the first users hitting the site afterwards will experience slow page-load times. There are some fine folks out there that will manage the infrastructure for you. If you don't need to be managing your own software stack, it's probably best to let others do it.

The options over at Drupal-specific hosting: Choose a provider from those offering comprehensive platforms generally include infrastructural features mentioned in this post. Back in , Smashing Magazine ran a series of articles on optimizing images: You forgot AberdeenCloud in your list of Drupal specific hosts. Very interesting summary, but I missed: Yes, fully agree, benchmarking is key to any successful optimization plan.

Perhaps in a spin-off article you can suggest techniques to do this. What is it about these that makes them "better"? We recently moved one of the sites we developed for a large US university to an Acquia hosted solution. Without this, if you disabled a pile of "dev" modules, you are stuck manually re-enabling them on your dev environment every time you grab a db snapshot from your production site. Hello, for me first hit on a drupal site always seems to lag. Now I am developing on a multisite remote installation that takes a long as 30 seconds to respond if I haven't worked on it for a few hours.

That first hit takes for ever and the consecutive hits are much better. I know that's totally crazy. When it's this bad, what would you first check? Like what are the most likely culprits. I am a relative newbie. If you search for "Drupal specific hosting" then you get Drupion as one of the top results.

Has anyone been using them? That is a nice list! If it's of interest for anyone, we have developed a free online tool, that can give quick hints on performance tuning just looking from the public side of Drupal site - http: This is a really great article about the topic we are working on now. We have already added APC and memcached to our Drupal site.

Now we are thinking to speed up the static content with Varnish. Do you have any experience with it? Does it worth the extra layer? Have a drupal site of mine which is been running slow and did check most of that is mentioned in here and still its not performing as it should be.

Meanwhile did see a suggestion on using Apachebooster, did any one in this group has tried their hands on it. Our Website was built on Drupal and having heavy load time.

I implemented some of the modules you have here and running a lot better. Thank you so much! While launching new website of Itransition we faced some problems with Drupal compability with Google Speed Insight standards. So we had to use a number of filters and prefer inline-CSS, to avoid code comments and other useless items. I am using most of the services mentioned in this article: Nginx, Varnish, Memcached, etc.

I highly recommend using these services to speed up your website. My hosting provider, Cloudways https: The choice is yours, but I have listed some of the reasons to consider when making your purchase decision.

You will need to consider needs, wants, budget, and warranty. If you are on a tight budget a used car might be your best choice. Though there are a couple of new cars that sell for around ten thousand dollars, they usually have only a few amenities, with some having none of the following: Sometimes the cars come with only two doors and crank windows.

On the other hand, three to four-year old used cars loaded with more than the bare-boned features of a basic used car like a CD player, air conditioning, airbags and power windows can be a great deal. The more expensive new cars cost more because of the newest and updated safety features they like front and side airbags and vehicle stability control.

New cars may also include some extra features such as: New cars include a warranty for a minimum of three years up to to a maximum of ten years from some manufacturers. Kia and Hyundai are currently including a ten year warranty for their vehicles. Daimler-Chrysler, regardless of their financial woes include a seven year warranty for their Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep brands.

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