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Dec 30,  · Several weeks ago we were hit by a tornado, It just plain devistated many of the tree's in my woodlots. It took two of us two full days of chainsawing to open the road to my back field and get the tree's off about yards of fence.

May 1, Messages: Dave Boyt , Dec 20, This morning the Euro descended slightly, reaching 1. With three distinct trading sessions in the US, Europe and Asia, you can trade on your own schedule and respond to breaking news.

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Manufacturer of High Quality Airguns, Hand pumps and Accessories. For hunting, plinking, training, competition, semi automatic rifles. Made in Sweden.

Unlimited number of cost, market, competition, attribute, value or mix based price calculation and simulation logics, defined directly through the user interface UI configurability and based on a library of functions and commands, fuel all types of: PromotionManager allows the definition and management of complex on-invoice conditions such as discounts, promotions, campaigns as well as all kinds of special price conditions and net prices, mainly in connection with the structures defined in the backend systems such as SAP, Oracle etc.

Unrestricted number of contract types of any complexity can be defined, maintained and made available for the execution of any price logic providing basis for calculation of: QuoteConfigurator supports the sales and back office teams with the quote configuration CPQ , calculation and simulation capability. The ultimate goal is a quick and error free response to price inquiry or creation of a quote of any complexity, with dependencies between its element and containing an optimal price free of stomach feeling.

All that is possible thanks to: Using this plugin, Salesforce users can leverage most of the QuoteConfigurator functionality without the need to log in to Price f x. The sleek, easy-to-use layout is fully customizable and you can easily switch between different saved customizations.

The plugin is available for both desktop and mobile Salesforce apps. RebateManager allows the definition, management, simulation, calculation, approval and initiation of payments of complex off-invoice conditions such as rebates, bonuses, kickbacks, credits etc. Unrestricted number of rebate types of any complexity can be defined, maintained and made available for the creation and execution of any rebate agreement in which the rebate types can be applied individually or in any logical combination.

Pricing typically requires the collection, modification, enrichment and harmonization of data from various and mostly very heterogeneous systems and data sources, which can have incompatible interfaces and formats. Results of price calculations of any types and purposes price conditions records need to be transported back to and updated in multiple order execution and billing systems. To achieve this, the Price-f x IntegrationManager provides seamless, automated and bi-directional connection with almost any system and offers mapping functionalities and scheduled integration of business logic.

Price f x Products Price f x is the full suite price management and CPQ software solution providing broad and flexible support to the entire price management closed loop cycle of Price Strategy, Controlling, Setting and Realization Price f x solution is suitable for any industry facing the classical but also very specific pricing challenges of commercial organizations of any size and geographical location.

PrizeAnalyzer Architecture Its modern architecture allows unmatched speed and flexibility in data structure definition as well as methodic data cleansing, enrichment and load resulting in fast and almost borderless analytical abilities. Sawyer Rob , Dec 22, Do you, by chance have a 9N or 2N? The PTO of an 8N can spin when the tractor is in neutral. That's all you need. I believe there are kits you can get for the older N Fords.

The wheels never come off the ground. Mind you, it isn't as easy as some of these high-dollar, new-fangled post units, but it gets the job done. One of these days, I'll shoot a video of the process. Dave Boyt , Dec 23, I never tried or though to use it in a stationary application. I had an 8N for a time, no problem getting the pto to spin, for a winch, when in nuteral. I found them to be a bit light duty, but if used careful, i don't see why one wouldn't work with a skidding winch to pull logs Sawyer Rob , Dec 23, Last summer I used the 8N to winch out a 30" dia by 8' oak log with no problem.

As long as the log doesn't hang up on anything, it will surprise you. The tractor can winch much more than it can drag, and it is safer, too. One of these days, I'll get a 40 hp 4wd tractor. We are getting a real "old time" winter here, so i'm going through more wood that i normally would. SO, i decided to skid out a couple of the logs i had set aside just for an occasion like this! There's a LOT of firewood in this log, The skidder makes short work, of even big logs like these!

Sawyer Rob , Dec 28, Rob, it looks pretty cold up your way-- good to have the right equipment to do the job. Hope you've got a good log splitter. Do you have an outdoor wood furnace? Dave Boyt , Dec 29, Dave, I have an "add on" wood stove in my basement, so it gives me central heat It was in the 40's here yesterday, but the cold will be back this week! I managed to block up the two big logs yesterday, i went through 5 chains before i was done, actually, i just sharpened them and put them back on.

Here's the bigger log, all sawn, of course i had to cut it from both sides to get all the way through it, Then i moved the blocks with the tractor to over by the log splitter, to be sawn again with a chainsaw into managable sizes, then to be finished up with my "splitter" Sawyer Rob , Dec 29, Sep 7, Messages: Slid my tractor off the road and down a steep hill today , real close to a rollover.

The only way it came out was the skidding winch! That is still my favorite attachment ever for the tractor! Beefie , Dec 29, Apr 2, Messages: North East BC Canada. Greenland South , Dec 29, Aug 19, Messages: I live only 10 mins away from the manufacturer of these machines in ontario. I've never seen the winch in action yet but seen new ones that were just built in the yard. I've used their Wallenstein stump grinders for tractors on some stumps.

Dieselshawn , Dec 29, Rob, that chain saw ought to do the job. Johnzski, glad you're OK! Thanks for the reminder of what can happen.

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